Are you looking for fresh ideas? Perhaps your new client wants to achieve a goal and you aren’t quite sure how to get them there. Are you a trainer who would rather focus on building your business and executing great programs without the hassle of program design? Maybe you just don’t have time or you’re looking to learn from the industry’s best minds.

TRAIN2CONNECT brings you the knowledge and expertise of the best personal trainers in the world. We are a global network of like-minded trainers and fitness professionals who want to learn and grow from each other.

From the main page, you can search our categories for your client’s goal.  Download the program and let the fun begin. If you love what you see, we encourage you to leave the program creator a positive comment in their store. The T2C community is all about boosting each other to new heights and elevating the experience of personal training.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy the collective knowledge of the T2C community.

Are you a great programmer? Do you have a specialty that you know other trainers would love to learn? Do you have a unique experience training a client that could save other trainers months or even years trying to figure out?

TRAIN2CONNECT gives you the opportunity to build a great program and sell it. (earn some cash – even while you sleep!). We’re like Etsy…but for trainers!

It’s simple!

1. Register your username, create your online store, and upload your store image! (we’ve made it easy!)

2. Decide which type of seller you want to be:

Basic Seller: Sell your program and pay 40% commission.

Premium Seller: Pay an annual fee of $99 and, when you sell your program, you pay 15% commission.

3.  Begin uploading your programs to  TRAIN2CONNECTLearn how to create a great program here.

4. Watch the money come in.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 over and over again!

Register Here.

TRAIN2CONNECT is all about learning from each other (and making money!). Every seller on T2C must upload their first program and sell it for FREE.


Create trust and reputation. Think about it as though you were buying a program from another trainer for the first time. You would want to ensure their products deliver what they promise. The fitness industry is a very competitive business full of scams and frauds. The honest among us try to stand out and attract new business the old fashion way. Selling your programs without trust and reputation (even if you’re the greatest programmer who ever lived) is an easy way to ensure no one ever sees it (or buys it!). The best way to show other trainers your programming ability is to give it away for free. Let other trainers see how smart you are and they will purchase many other programs you offer.

Create at least one FREE program and make it a good one. Then shout it from the rooftops and show the world how good you are. Send your colleagues your store link and begin to create your loyal followers through your earned trust and reputation.