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TRAIN2CONNECT is the first open marketplace for fitness professionals to buy, sell, and share original programs. T2C is connecting Gym Operators with their training staff to bring the highest quality programming to their gyms.

Empower trainers to meet the needs of their clients

Whether they’re developing a program, providing
Instruction for fellow trainers, or looking for a fresh
approach to training a tried-and-true topic, trainers
can find the right content to address their unique
client needs and align to gym-wide goals.
Empower trainers to meet the
needs of all clients at any time


Discover trainer-created, trainer-trusted resources

T2C’s programs are all created by
trainers for trainers. With access to so many resources,
trainers can choose the most engaging, standards-aligned,
and up-to-date programs for their clients.
Discover trainer-created, trainer-trusted resources

Search from thousands of original programs

Think workout programs for all ages, abilities, and goals.
Imagine the world’s best minds creating and exchanging
Ideas, raising the level of collective knowledge that ultimately
leads to clients getting more results.


Maximize trainer choice while saving time and money

With T2C, trainers can get exactly what they need,
when they need it. Save money by searching for
free or affordable resources — most resources cost
less than $10, and even full programs cost just a
fraction of traditional offerings.

Access resources quickly and easily

Trainers can search for resources and then request
which ones they’d like to be purchased by the gym operators.
It’s streamlined and simple for gym owners to
purchase resources right on T2C and send to trainers
for immediate use with their clients.


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